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Do you give massages to friends and family, but find that your hands tire out quickly? Are you new to massage, but it's something you've wanted to try? Or maybe you want to practice communication and reach a deeper connection with your partner or spouse.


This private class teaches you and a companion the basic techniques to share a relaxing massage, without tiring out your hands. Both classes include a hand out packet to take home, plus free follow-up videocalls for feedback on your techniques.

2-Hour Class 


Includes a 45-minute hands-on lesson for each person, enough time to learn techniques for part of the body. Choose the back, shoulders and neck, OR limbs, hands, feet and face/scalp. Receivers can opt out of anything they don't want included in the massage. Time is more limited, but many of the techniques taught can be used interchangeably on back, limbs, etc. when you're practicing at home. 

3-Hour Class


Includes a hands-on lesson for full body massage for each person: scalp/face, neck, shoulders, back, limbs, hands and feet. Receivers can also opt out of anything they don't want included in the massage.


Give yourself and someone you care about the gift of touch!

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