Photo courtesy of ABMP

Photo courtesy of ABMP

​​While massage services are closing their doors, it's still just as important, if not more so, to tend to your mental, emotional and physical needs. Lowered stress levels have been proven to aid in maintaining a healthy immune system. But humans are social creatures, and touch is a major factor in how we experience a sense of safety. With social distancing, what can we do to feel better when we don't have much, if any, physical contact with others? I'm offering free remote consultations to help you design a personalized home program of stress-relieving alternatives to hands-on bodywork - follow the link below to learn more about what you can do, including our new modality - the Aza Method, a deeply calming, body-mind integration technique that I can lead you through via phone or video-call. Please, be watching yourself and your loves ones for signs of depression and anxiety - and if they begin to spin out of control, seek help from a licensed mental health worker.


Genia Bonyun, BA, LMT

Click here to design your individualized stress-relieving home program, and read more about the Aza Method.

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For Aza Method remote sessions, and free consultations, hours are flexible, seven days a week. Due to the fast spread of the COVID-19 virus, Balance Massage and Bodywork is not currently scheduling in-studio appointments, but will open our doors back up as soon as it's safe to do so.

We welcome people of any race, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, citizenship, age, body type and mental or physical ability*. We strive to make Balance Massage and Bodywork a safe, welcoming space for everyone.

*The Balance studio is accessible by stairs only. Please see Rates and Services page for information about in-home massage.