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Hi, I’m Genia Bonyun, owner and Licensed Massage Therapist at Balance Therapeutic Massage. 

We live in a world of stress, where it’s commonplace for people to live with chronic pain, sometimes for many years.  Specializing in Integrative Massage, I utilize cutting-edge and classic massage techniques while engaging with your unique energy –  focusing on you as a whole person, instead of you as a bundle of muscles and ligaments to be “worked on”.  The goal is to alleviate both the symptoms and the underlying cause of the pain problem, and to do this in a nurturing, relaxing atmosphere, blending myofascial and deep tissue techniques with hot stones, Swedish massage and other types of bodywork that calm the nervous system, bringing you into a deep state of relaxation.

Whether you're in pain, in need of nurturing, deep relaxation, or simply want a break from everyday stress, come and see us at Balance Therapeutic Massage!